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        Guizhou Xin Di Hotel Management Consulting Company Limited

        Guizhou Xin Di Hotel Management Consulting Company Limited ( hereinafter referred to as the management company ) is the Guizhou International Convention Center of the hotel limited liability company wholly-owned subsidiary, was established in 2000. The company has been established for the province dozens of hotels and tourism project development to the operation of all phases of the management and consulting services. Management company dedicated to through the cooperation with the owners to provide perfect service, pay close attention to the needs of customers, won the customer 's reputation and loyalty, and with a number of hotels to establish a long-term relations of cooperation, in recent years the core competitiveness in the industry rises quickly, brands have high visibility. We will through the hotel quality management system, high-quality professional services and efficient marketing strategies, to help owners to maximize the return on investment.

        Xin Di Hotel Management Consulting Company Limited is the Guizhou provincial labor department authorized the thirty-ninth National Occupation Skill Appraisal Institute of hotel industry, has nine types of appraisal qualifications, we have a professional and stable evaluation team, play skills leading edge, for the hotel talents growing conditions.

        The company has specialized in hotel planning, management and training experts and outstanding team resources, for the owners to provide accurate market positioning, personalized business and management programs, Guizhou hotel as the external training, output management important base, wherein the high, middle management staff is our output management, service and training of the powerful human resources security. We have the perfect policies and procedures and systems, both inside and outside the province is willing to all types of hotels and provide a full range of business services.

        Management performance:

        Since the hotel management company since its establishment, has entrusted the management of the Guizhou Dragon Hotel (four stars ), Neng Hui Hotel (four stars ), the government of Guizhou Province, Huangguoshu Waterfalls Yingbin Hotel group subordinate to collect insurance Hotel (four-star) and the Huangguoshu Waterfalls Hotel, guest house, building, water in the Province Sports Bureau water base, ( 4 ), Huaxi Hotel tobacco company in Guizhou province property hotel management and service work, for me province hotel industry developed and prosperous has played a positive role in.

        Service content

        Hotel management services hotel project feasibility study, project approving survey covering transformation planning, resource integration and comprehensive management and other aspects of the business, and to undertake both inside and outside the province of hotel staff professional training. We have more than three stars level hotel hardware, large office building with hotel and property management and related services. Cooperation way mainly:

        1) Hotel Management Consultants (given the hotel operation and management of all aspects of professional guidance, monthly on-site service several times)

        2) hotel entrusted management ( hotel construction, raise camp, operation dispatch professional team of field service )

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