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        September wedding to the event.

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        Guiyang dozens of hotels will be the designated hotel reception

        To unsubscribe wedding citizens, nine games to receive the Department of apologies

        September wedding to the event.

        Restaurant: to receive athletes citizens: can understand, but also did not send the invitation


        Yesterday was the National Games opening ceremony 93 days countdown.


        Hotel to meet the national sports training.


        Core tip

        Annual autumn September, an invigorating autumn climate, is one of the most young people get married in. Wedding, new people to order a sumptuous banquet to acknowledge the Hershey guest. However, careful people found this September wedding, not only difficult to set, even some had already booked a wedding the young, recently received a sudden unsubscribe notify Hotel: wedding or delay, either in addition to choose other hotels. Where is this coming from? Yesterday, the reporter conducted in-depth interviews.

        The paper \ reporter Ren Yong

        Graph \ reporter Liu Tingting

        Experience: September wedding, do not set to

        With a girlfriend who has been 3 years, 1 months ago, 31 year-old small pay suddenly had the idea of marriage. Consent of both parents and girlfriend 's consent, small pay decided to put the wedding in September 15th of this year, is the day he and his girlfriend met anniversary. Married, first have to find a hotel wedding set, and then by friends and relatives. In order to be engaged banquet, Xiao Fu has asked the city hotel, the other one is in September, and then decline.

        September wedding really so difficult to set? Why do so many hotels in September are no longer undertake wedding party? Yesterday, reporters call the west near a hotel reservation telephone. Heard to do party, the other end of the phone suddenly enthusiastic:" what was your wedding date, about how much the table?" When a reporter to notify the other party is in the middle of September, the end of a phone pauses, then tells a reporter, the middle of September to undertake hotel wedding, reason is when the hotel reception to the province to participate in the ninth national minority traditional sports meeting representatives and athletes.

        Then, reporters also contact the city hotel, the answer is consistent.

        Public: wedding was reg, understanding + support

        In rich water road in the vicinity of a hotel, an unnamed responsible person told the reporter, September wedding to book, there are many reasons.

        The first is in the middle of September this year, the ninth national minority traditional sports meeting held in Guiyang City, most of the hotels and restaurants are contest reception departments listed in official reception hotel, assume a reception task. According to match the requirements of the relevant departments, in order to ensure the quality of reception, during the tournament, hotel can not undertake for weddings and conferences and other activities. As a result, it has to undertake a number of wedding, the hotel also can give customers explain and reg.

        In addition, September has enduring as the universe of meaning, together with a pleasant climate, has been the preferred wedding march. But within a month," a lucky day" and then a few days, marriage is the emergence of each other's. So, a lot of people to beat, is ahead of half a year or even 1 years ahead of the wedding. In addition to a hotel one day at most only while the contractor 2-3 wedding feast, even as in previous years, Guiyang not hosting major events, the September wedding are difficult to get.

        Mr. Liu and his girlfriend is such a pair is reg wedding couple, their wedding was originally set for September 10th. For the hotel to unsubscribe, Mr. Liu said, just began to do not understand, also with the hotel had, last heard is to host the ninth session of national minority traditional sports meeting room, plus my province and is the first to hold such a grand event, make personal sacrifices there is nothing. " I haven't sent out invitations, or have to go with the friend explains!" Mr. Liu said.

        Appeal: all for the event, hope the public support

        Yesterday, the reporter interviewed the ninth national minority traditional sports meeting reception department deputy minister Qian Bin.

        Qian Bin introduces, this event is my province since building a province to undertake the largest event, from the current application situation, there will be more than 1.2 people came to Guiyang entries, both leaders of all levels, and players and staff. In order to do event reception work, in January this year, Guiyang City 89 three star or above hotel and guesthouse is tentatively scheduled for the tournament designated hotel reception, which includes almost two city has a certain scale of large hotels and hotel.

        According to the schedule, came 9 days on September 7th to report time, 10 day opening, has been to a daily average of 18 for the competition season. As the Hospitality Management Department, they do for each designated hotel reception requested during the match, cannot undertake wedding banquet and conference. Its starting point mainly has two aspects: one is to ensure the quality of reception contest. Because many designated hotel reception is only one hall, during the match to the main buffet staff dining hall, need to be left to the contestants. If the hotel to undertake a wedding, when dining venues will not flow. Another reason is that during the tournament hotel security work will be very strict, hotels to undertake wedding or meeting, on both sides of the import will be very convenient.

        To unsubscribe from public money wedding, vice minister expressed regret, hope everyone can understand and support our province to undertake this important event, according to the situation in advance or postpone the wedding. In addition, the middle of this month, the final list of official reception hotel will be identified, the original tentative of the 89 may, the final set at around 60, then designated the hotel will not suffer this limitation.

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