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        What seized my stone?

        Number of visits: Date:2011年12月6日 14:38

        Participate in the exhibition, collectors due to temporary take back baby, and the undertaker feud


        A heap of stones in the floor

        The news reporter Bai photographic report

        The news" can not afford to pay the court fee is they undertake side of things, why to seize our stone?" Yesterday, Mr Cheung people call our 24 hour hotline 96677, recently Guizhou hotel is holding a stone exposition, the contractor did not pay full Hotel 250000 yuan venue costs, the hotel all the stones" seizure", neither let exhibited are not returned to the stone owner, Mr. Zhang and a number of other collectors is very angry.

        Scene: stone products seized

        Yesterday was Saturday, Guizhou hotel outside stone exposition lively and extraordinary, more than 200 blue tents, various shape stone attracted many people stop to watch.

        However, some stone collectors but frown, how glad also to do not rise. They told the reporters, their own stones were seized, not to the exhibition, also cannot take away. It is the oldest Mr. Wu said, several of them per capita is repeatedly stone exhibition exhibitors, the exhibition before receiving the invitation, and rejoice with their baby to exhibitors. For their rock is a boutique, was placed on the Guizhou International Convention Center of the hotel interior hall, differs from the outside of the tent show need to pay 1600 yuan for each booth contractor. Wu gentlemen boutique stone is a free exhibition, just after the success of the transaction payment to the contractor 20% price as commission. In 15 days, 16 days after the end of the exhibition, Mr Ng their unexpected is, temporarily unable to take stone products.

        In Hotel Guizhou International Conference Center on the first floor, the reporter saw, which was temporarily" seizure" stone heap on the floor. The exhibition took 3 rocks of Mr Cheung told reporters, his precious stones have bid 300000, but it is now being up here," if the loss, who is responsible"?

        Organizer: weekend to public account not to account

        The reporter was accompanied by Mr. Zhang, Mr. Wu line found in the exhibition site contractor, blue-violet company surnamed AI of the female staff to explain Tao, stone temporarily unreachable, because there are 50000 site fees have not been paid in full. " The court fee is 250000, a lump sum, we have to pay 200000, sent 50000 block." As for the $50000 unpaid reasons, the staff said, because in an exhibiting partial businessman did not pay the participation fee. AI said that the name of staff, has been in the night before the 50000 check to Guizhou Hotel, but because it is the weekend to public account not to account, so will be dragged.

        Mr Cheung told reporters, before undertaking between both exhibitors and also without any regard to exhibit, exhibit a less related compensation agreement, oral agreements are not.

        Local: uniform back on Monday

        The reporter contacted the hotel Guizhou relevant responsible person understands, hotel is not" seizure" exhibitors Kistler, instead is for the exhibitors and responsible attitude, just ask you to pick up next week. " Because of these stones are expensive, we have to wait until all exhibitors together, everyone together in the presence of signature led their own things, otherwise once mistake may cause more irreparable consequences." The responsible person said, is not the venue costs, because the contractor has to pay the check, the main show has not arrived not alone let exhibitors take stones.

        The Associated Press

        Art of zero risk investment mode, Guiyang

        The reporter Jia Hua

        By June 11th, a zero risk investment painting, stone, jewelry and other works of art investment model pioneered in Guiyang test.

        Buy famous works of large investment, high risk, the purchase of youth works of calligraphy and painting homes fearing no market potential and appreciation of space, which is the majority of investors generally mentality. Reportedly, the new investment pattern by a Shenzhen Culture Communication Initiative, the zero risk investment model significance lies in value. The operating philosophy is: the cultural institutions to invest in a number of well-known young artists works to preserve, or the acquisition of investment potential in the stones, jewelry and other treasures, once the investors to buy art collection with works of art, the body will attach a special certification. Thereafter, the purchase at any time be able to hold the original artwork and certification according to the original price for cash, equivalent to" value recovery", thus making the purchase of the investment to achieve zero risk.

        " Because the value of the youth in Guizhou and the potential and investment potential, but also at the Guizhou broad Kistler market and the jewelry market, so at home we preferred to test the water in Guizhou this pattern." The responsible person said, young artists works the most investment potential, future the body ready to buy Guizhou Native youth calligraphy and painting a number of works, as the investment resources.

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