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        The hotel is rated five stars

        Number of visits: Date:2011年12月11日 17:40

        Came 6 days on December 4th, the National Star judges appointed Lv Qingsheng Di Baorong, the two national star assessors to Guang'an Siyuan hotel five Star Hotel assessment review examination. Through investigate openly and secretly, listen to report, check, inspection group fully affirmed the Siyuan hotel in the services, facilities and equipment maintenance, hotel operation and management achievements, announced its through 2011 year five Star Hotel assessment review.

        Siyuan hotel in 2004 August through the National Star judges "ready five Starhotel Tourist Hotel" assessment, in 2006 July formally adopted by the" five Starhotel Tourist Hotel" evaluation, be in East Sichuan area and the first five Starhotel Tourist hotel. Since the hotel opened, to good corporate reputation and corporate image for the development of Guang'an tourism industry made a positive contribution, already became Guang'an to reform and opening up the window and important city brand logo.

        This year is the Siyuan Hotel Starhotel Tourist Hotel assessment review five years. In order to ensure the Siyuan Hotel pass the assessment review, municipal Party committee, city hall height to take seriously, repeatedly invited experts on five Hotel Star Hotel assessment review guide, supervise and urge Siyuan Hotel control standard to carry out self-examination and self-correction, hotel facilities and equipment can be effectively improved, the service quality is obviously improved, the internal management more standardized, the guests and the industry formed a good reputation, which has achieved good economic and social benefits.

        Star Hotel assessment review is in accordance with the" Turist Hotel Star Division and evaluation" and" study" and other provisions of the standard Star Hotel Star Hotel for a further evaluation and check again, breaking the lifelong system of the star Star Hotel Turist Hotel, promote the hardware and software level of management and improve the quality of service is an important measure. In 2010 4, the hotel was cancelled five star qualification, 1 hotel were ordered deadline rectification.

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