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        Xiangtan Alex Hua Tian Hotel

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        On the morning of 8, the Alex Hua Tian hotel is a company with independent property right hotel chain -- Xiangtan opening ceremony held at the Hua Tian Hotel, which is also the Alex Hua Tian brand in Xiangtan 's first five Stars Hotel. Provincial People's Congress Standing Committee Deputy Director Xiao Yayu attended the ceremony and delivered a speech.

        Xiangtan Hua Tian Hotel is located in the city of Xiangtan District of Jianshe Road and East Avenue Interchange, a total construction area of 46000 square meters, the main building is 104 meters high, a total of 32 layers, is set large conference, banquet, catering, entertainment and shopping as one of the large-scale comprehensive hotel. The hotel has 370 guest rooms, conference room 7, the biggest muti function hall can accommodate 500 people at the meeting or dining.

        " Hotel opening is Alex Hua Tian group director of comprehensive cloth city group is important one pace, also Alex Hua Tian group of Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan city group unifinication construction positive response". Alex Hua Tian Group Chairman Chen Jimin at the opening ceremony said, Xiangtan Alex Hua Tian opened, reveals the Alex Hua Tian investment group Xiangtan confidence and determination. At present, Alex Hua Tian group, concentrated force has its own high-end hotel chains to expand, and in the next 3 to 5 years, realize the hotel's number 100 goals.

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