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        Hongkong Disneyland Hotel Santa real hard

        Number of visits: Date:2011年12月11日 17:44

        According to Hongkong Ta Kung Pao reported, Christmas Hongkong disneyland hotel occupancy rate of 99%, the general housing prices from 2600 yuan to 3800 yuan ( HK dollar, the same below). Room to add" Christmas theme" increase 600 yuan, and a large suite of house price from 17000 yuan to 25000 yuan, can be free to add" Christmas theme".

        Hongkong Disneyland Hotel year average occupancy rate is 90%, the holidays are full. Hotel 52 rooms, 19 suites. Most of the rooms in the two months before had been scheduled to go out. The Christmas period of 24 to 26 and new year's Day 1, the rooms are all booked, it is hard to get a room. " Christmas" within the hotel carefully designed balloons, Christmas tree, suite study hotel out of the mysterious gift.

        Check Inn Hotel, 40% mainland tourists, 30% for Hongkong residents, and another 30% for foreign and Taiwan, where foreign professionals in Thailand province. Christmas to meet the coming peak hotel, Disney launched diverse elements, to meet the needs of tourists to eat, live, play with a dragon service. Hotel guests to provide not only for eating Ambassador layer, Disney restaurant, and entertainment for children 's animation of the world.

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