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        Elaborate reception, satisfaction in Guizhou

        Number of visits: Date:2011年12月15日 15:51

        From October 11, 2011 to October 16th, by the Chinese nuclear society sponsored by the Chinese Nuclear Society 2011 Annual Symposium in Guiyang City Hotel Guizhou International Conference Center to hold, can represent a total of more than 1200 people, including the Chinese Academy of engineering and more than 30 academicians of the Chinese Academy of sciences.

        For the reception, hotel Guizhou international conference center height takes seriously, elaborate organization, careful preparation, attention to detail, strictly in accordance with high Stars Hotel" VIP" reception quality standards and norms for the reception, has been organizing committee and delegates alike, received written during the guests praise 13 letters, in addition to the organizing committee also made banners. Gift to a hotel leadership hands, to Express Hotel Guizhou International Conference Center with the satisfaction and surprise service.

        Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Yuan Chengye in the letter also on Guizhou construction offerred ardent hope, hope Guizhou province to realize the strategic target of the construction of industrial province, become a modern city. Academician Liu Baixin also expressed his wish to Guizhou in the 12th five-year period in the development of better, faster. Dai Yuan in addition to the Guizhou International Convention Center of the hotel service quality service express approval, construction of Guizhou has put forward the " Guizhou the beautiful scenery, rich in tourism resources, is still to be further developed, increase in the domestic and international popularity". ( excerpt from China Conference )

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