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        Vienna next three years over 300 Hotel

        Number of visits: Date:2011年12月11日 17:42

        " The next three years, the Vienna Hotel will with annual the new 60-80 store development speed, expansion to the country for more than 300 hotels scale." Vienna Hotel Group Vice President Zhang Hongbiao said, the company main North Guangshengaosu, as well as the second city developed provincial capital city.

        " Vienna Hotel before a few years already begin to prepare for the listing, intends to present in the domestic market, the company is listed shares, but time is not clear, the details are not convenient to disclose." Vienna Hotel Group Chairman and CEO Huang Deman December 6th expresses to media.

        Previously, Vienna Hotel has been finished financing two rounds in 2007 the Saif fund $20000000 venture capital injection, Vienna Hotel in 2010 and American private equity fund Kellett ( Mount Kellett Capital Partners capital fund of venture capital investment of 20000000 dollar ).

        " At present the company mainly in building management system and management team, strengthen the team building, and create excellent management mechanism, realize the management system based on IT." Huang Deman revealed.

        " Believe in the domestic securities market will gradually open to the excellent enterprise." Said Huang Deman, Vienna Hotel is the direction of the domestic capital market listing.

        Now China 's top four Econo Hotel group, in addition to Jinjiang shares in the listed A shares, the other three are selected by overseas capital market 7 days the United States landing NYSE, and if the home, home is listed on nasdaq.

        " Chinese hotel market is a two strong intermediate weak situation, low-grade, high-grade is typical of the Red Sea market, but with the improvement of economy, and the constant pursuit of quality of life, mid-range hotels, boutique Traders Hotel market will be a sea of blue, but the market segments of current hotel number and very less." Zhang Hongbiao said.

        Huang Deman has said, the hotel market share ratio should be five Stars Hotel accounted for 10%, mid-range hotels accounted for 40%, and accounted for 50% of the Econo Hotel.

        In Vienna the group staff's back of the card, there is a conspicuous word" five-star experience, brand consumption".

        " This is the company's core innovation mode, and other economic chain hotel differentiation." Zhang Hongbiao expresses, at present in accordance with the standard five Vienna Hotel Stars Hotel, retaining its core function facilities, but the price only star level, basic open a room a day costs, only 7 days, such as your home 100 yuan.

        According to Vienna, Vienna Hotel Group in the country has more than 130 hotels, including the Shenzhen accounted for 30, Guangzhou 6, and the hotel occupancy rate is relatively high, the average room rate reached 110%. In addition, Vienna's membership numbers 8000000.

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