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        The famous hotel dinner box has to

        Number of visits: Date:2011年12月11日 17:43

        Distance the Dragon Spring Festival is still a month, tin dinner booking is very hot. Yesterday reporter visits the discovery, many hotel 's rooms are already booked air, only a portion of the bulk seat hall. The industry to remind consumers, the eve of the Lunar New Year is also important to note that the predetermined charge and related matters, in order to better safeguard their own rights and interests.

        Lakeside Hotel staff told the reporters, they present boxes have all be finished, the hall are 100 tables, each table of 2000 yuan, relatively good location was also scheduled to end. The picturesque scenery landscape, and other well-known hotel is also facing the same situation ( in addition to the Taihu hotel in the decoration does not accept the new year the predetermined outer ). Picturesque scenery restaurant responsible person revealed, from this year the national day, it has been a customer to dinner, and customers in the last dinner table made this deposit, from the predetermined condition, and old customers slants much, new customers have quite large proportion is an old customer recommendation came, around 180 yuan per person standard, the most favored by consumers.

        As compared with the high-end luxury hotel, old brand restaurants also not resigned to playing second fiddle, they actively from the category, food quality, service and other aspects of the standard are changed, the maximum range to meet consumer demand.

        Phoenix Restaurant is the old bridge brand restaurants, had been in advance of the 8 theme rooms for expansion and modification, style atmosphere shows family reunion" warm" and" taste of Wuxi". Renovation is almost complete, but a predetermined work had ended, at present only a small hall sitting position. Hotel and catering division land manager said, in order to let consumers feel bridge caring service, they have been repeatedly from the field please catering services experts on staff a number of training, let the Dayton" new year" eat more enjoyable. The personage inside course of study points out, with the arrival of the new year and the predetermined volume increase, a lot of old brand shop is likely to show" a difficult situation table".

        Although the restaurant to eat dinner is convenient and lively, but also many people tend to sit at home. In the temple the interview, citizen Mr Tang told reporters," the eve of the Lunar New Year is always a little wine to feel satisfactory, but the restaurant cannot drive, or drink at home feel secure". Some businesses therefore launched homeopathy takeout dinner. Mu Guiying Le Grand Large Hotel launched several everything is going smoothly. Food takeout dinner, including meat, vegetables, dessert table full of semi-finished products such as new year, customers buy home in a microwave oven can easily turn at the table with the whole family to share, buy semi-finished products will also be old original muffin or hi eight piece gift. These measures can effectively avoid the" hit Naomeng", also let people get the real benefit. New year's Eve booking unpopular, but the interview many businessmen said that will not rise. The industry also reminded consumers, at a predetermined dinner in the process, must be carefully to understand the hotel to provide consumers of services and service scope, detailed charges, secondly, scheduled to get a reservation contract, after spending bill to keep the predetermined, rights and interests loss as evidence, in addition, to ask whether bring drinks, set minimum consumption and other details.

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