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        Jiangmen 1 new five Stars Hotel

        Number of visits: Date:2011年12月11日 17:41

        Jiangmen added a five Stars Hotel. Recently, the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Jiangmen held the five Stars Hotel listing ceremony, Jiangmen City Tourism Bureau deputy director Zhang Hua read" China five star-level foreign hotel" national approval. According to introduction, this is the new Star Hotel evaluation standard, the city declared successful first five Stars Hotel. So far, Jiangmen has a total of 5 five Stars Hotel.

        Reportedly, at the end of last year, 2010 Edition" Turist Hotel Star Division and evaluation" began formal implementation of new standards on the Star Hotel, job evaluation and review procedure puts forward stricter requirements. At the same time, rate and review time has changed, was a" total pass can be ranked five Stars Hotel, answer for a period of 5 years", and the new standard "as long as there is a clearance does not meet will be washed out, answer for a period of 3 years". This also means, have been previously declared successful several five Stars Hotel will continue to accept a new round of inspection.

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