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        Hunan will add two The Springs Hotel

        Number of visits: Date:2011年12月11日 17:40

        December 6th morning, the reporter in Ningxiang ash soup Town interview to see, not very big town, the province of the city vehicle licence the stream never stops flowing. The The Springs Hotel, several large parking lot packed.

        " Usually receive around two thousand, over the weekend of four thousand people." Ningxiang ash Tang Zi Longwan Spa Resort Planning Director Chen Namba introduces to the reporter. Because of the distance of Changsha City Center is only one hour 's drive, Ningxiang ash soup become Changzhutan area public weekend spa trips of choice. Every day except for some scattered family outings groups, also received five or six team meetings. Gray soup hot springs resort management bureau Party committee secretary Cai Guiying introduced, according to incomplete statistics, only gray soup area The Springs Hotel reception number, have been compared with the same period last year nearly 40% growth.

        Subsequently, the reporter interviewed Chenzhou, Zhangjiajie some The Springs Hotel person in charge, said" many guests, a little reception.", especially on weekends, hotel reservation basically saturated condition.

        It is understood, the near future because the business is hot, near Guangdong and other provinces and cities, all came from the hot ticket prices. However, the reporter from the province of hot spring resort understanding of the situation, in addition to some hotel weekend guest room price is about 100 yuan price floating outside the The Springs Hotel, the tickets did not rise. Such as Ningxiang gray soup of golden sun, Chenzhou dragon springs are to maintain the original price level.

        On the contrary, many hot springs resort in order to attract customers also have launched with the group purchase website cooperation. In some larger group purchase navigation website search, up to hundreds of associated with thermal springs ticket group purchase project, the ticket price than store prices more affordable.

        It is understood, our province has a total of 85 spa items, the near future will add two spa resort.

        Ningxiang ash soup Alex Hua Tian Zhou City project to reporters that the person responsible for this project," although the larger body, we will be in accordance with the program at the 12 open end."

        Located in Liuyang West Lake mountain flying spa said about December 28th official foreign business.

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