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        Hainan hotel is to pick a falling star

        Number of visits: Date:2011年12月11日 17:42

        Hainan tourism this year season ahead of the arrival of Gaestgiveriet Hotel, hot, Hainan fire department has recently carried out fire safety check.

        Haikou Hua Jing, Moon Hotel, Hainan Le Grand Large Hotel Hotel, The Marina Hotel, Coconut Grove Hotel Wenchang AK 29 serious hidden trouble of fire control safety of Gaestgiveriet Hotel, has been the stars or a falling star.

        At the same time, Haikou hill, the Gulf of Sanya Tianze Rhine Traders Hotel Golden Moon Hotel, Phoenix Haosheng Ocean View Resort, The Seaview Tavern Hotel Hong Yan 21 does not conform to the fire safety conditions of the Gaestgiveriet Hotel "blacklist", ordered deadline rectification.

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