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        Economy Inn Airport Yichang seeking breakthrough Road

        Number of visits: Date:2011年12月11日 17:42

        In recent years, in the streets of Yichang, quietly appeared a batch, the Fasthotel chain, such as home, Super 8, 7 days. With their unique architectural style, fast service, cheap prices quickly attracted public attention. The surge in the number of them facing the hitherto unknown competition, they should how to face?

        Not long ago, in Yichang city the work of the institutions of small Liu suddenly discovered, her" 7 days" membership card in Yichang has also been" play". Liu loves to travel, so to do a 7 Days Inn membership card, you can enjoy the housing discounts. Not long ago, she discovered that Yichang also has 7 days, which makes her feel very happy.

        At the same time, Fasthotel has also become a venue for public entertainment. Three five friends, bar, bar, or some leisure Pavilion, is a more appropriate place, however, some people are keen to go to the hotel. " A mark or time room, closing the door is our world." Citizen Mr Guo said:" in the house, friends can speak one's mind freely, playing cards, Internet, bathing, rest, but a hundred dollars."

        Concerned data shows, at present Yichang city's various types of hotel beds total nearly 60000 pieces, the main city a total of 559 hotels, a total of 18100 rooms, a total of 31200 pieces of beds. The Star Hotel, 37, other types of residential facilities (including Fasthotel, Traders Hotel, hotel, hostel, holiday villa) 522.

        For Econo Hotel why so swift and violent development, concerned personage expresses, this is the development of Yichang tourism industry drives the results. A travel agency staff said, the field team tourists generally require Stars Hotel self-driving tour, but with the increase of tourists, some services better, faster and safer for the Econo Hotel has become their first choice.

        Author from Yichang City Tourism Bureau on grasping the Han-Yi high-speed rail opened opportunities research report that this year, Yichang is expected to receive more than 18000000 visitors at home and abroad. According to calculating, Han Yi Gao Tienian volume of tourists more than 2500000 people, to 2012, Yichang City annual tourist reception gross will achieve above of 22000000 person-time, average daily volume of tourists will achieve above of 50000 person-time. Since the majority of visitors choose to live in the main urban area of Yichang City, at the appointed time bed gap. In peak tourist city, often appear in the star hotel, Traders Hotel bed a hard economic situation, high-speed rail opened this situation will further exacerbate.

        " The rise of Fasthotel, Stars Hotel service remedy and filling." Yichang City Tourism Bureau staff said: "in the future, Yichang will vigorously develop the mid-range hotel, Traders Hotel, Fasthotel, Rodina Hotel, to meet the needs of the market."

        In the face of increasing number of Econo Hotel, engaged in hotel industry says, the competition pressure.

        MOTEL168 Yichang Avenue store manager Liu Changkui said, was based in the layout, considering Yichang's tourism city positioning, decided to run a shop in Yichang. But in the MOTEL168 system, Yichang store business is not good. In his view, Yichang is not a commercial city, as a tourist city, is still lacking.

        Fasthotel Yichang industry is seasonal strong, during the golden week hard to get a room, such as summer season also worry about the business, but the off-season is more sad. " Off-season local guests accounted for nearly 5 into proportion, but in a local guest that a local Fasthotel, more obvious advantage." Liu Changkui said, and the local Fasthotel, chain brand has a nationwide network of huge number of members and guests and brand influence," a large number of tourists come in, hotel should also is the well-known brands."

        The local Econo Hotel Kings Day responsible person also said, due to rising costs, the survival of the hotel is difficult. Yichang tourist season in 7, August, other times the business is not very good, a lot of Econo Hotel will the house through the electronic display. In their hotel, off-season prices generally in every 120 yuan or so, even the holidays have less than 300 yuan. The responsible person said, they have been in contact and the net that carry Cheng, hope that through the network to increase customers booking.

        The personage inside course of study points out, many existing Econo Hotel is from the original institution and state-owned company guest house renovation and decoration of, directly after changing business Econo Hotel sign, the blind pursuit of fashion market, lost direction, also caused the competitive disadvantage.

        Professionals have pointed out that, due to the Econo Hotel standards have not been authoritatively defined, the Econo Hotel blossom everywhere, disorderly competition.

        China Three Gorges University School of Management Professor Wang Qionghai, Econo Hotel requires clear and subdivision of their own market position, for example, aimed at students, business people, such a driver source segments, unfolding deepening characteristic service, create your own differentiation advantage. The king of Qionghai for example, such as youth hostel located in the self-help tourists, and if the home is located in the business traveler, different location makes them in the hotel facilities and service items and so on are very different.

        For the Econo Hotel, the advantage of price, face competition, they are faced with the difficult choice of price or price. If prices do not, need to own to save cost, such as the reduction of disposable items use rate, reduce artificial cost expenditure. In addition, to group development, form resultant force in order to win in the market competition.

        The king also said the Turist Hotel Qionghai, star rated standard does not cover the Econo Hotel Econo Hotel, leads to the degree of standardization is not high. Timely and moderate land to Econo Hotel norms has become a pressing matter of the moment for the healthy development of security Econo Hotel.

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